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Do you find yourself daydreaming about “someday”?
Someday you will feel better…
Someday you will tackle your to do list…
Some day, you will make it all happen & it will just be magical.
If you are like I used to be, you might find it can be a struggle to tackle anything outside work, chores, family and the occasional social time.
Who *actually* has time for self care with all of the things “to-do” ?
(Well, without losing their mind, anyhow)
After a long day of work, it is difficult not to succumb to a good meal, followed later by snacks with Netflix & chill.
Sounds way easier than going to the gym, a healthy dinner, and sitting down to journal.
Living life like this, day in and day out can lead to long term bad habits, crowding out the things that help us stay healthy & happy.
This is when it is important to have a wellness foundation & healthy habits.
My goal is to help my clients create a life of the divine design, by giving the tools necessary to build this foundation.
Having a foundation of healthy habits is the key to mastery of mental health and overall wellness.
Together, we can map out a blueprint which will empower you to build a life of divine design! 

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Hello, Seeker!

My name is Lacy Watson, Integrative Wellness Coach & Consultant. My goal is to help my clients navigate the complexities, chaos and uncertainty of life, providing them with integrative tools and routines for healing at a deep level.

  I am very passionate about integrative health, mental wellness & spiritual study for healing mind, body & soul. I follow the core principals of Naturopathic and Integrative Medicine, which has been my primary career focus for over the last decade. For 12 years, I worked in Naturopathic primary care as a medical assistant & office administrator. 

In addition to my field experience, I have my undergraduate degree in complementary and alternative medicine with focus on herbalism/aromatherapy, I completed my medical assistant certification at my local college and health coaching certification from the Integrative Institute for Nutrition.

These tools have provided me the ability to reinvent my life & reset my health for a lifetime. Together, I work with my clients to embark or expand upon the journey of personal growth and development.  

Coaching & Programs

1-1 Power Coaching

1-1 Power coaching is a personalized experience with Lacy. Together, you will dig deep, mapping out the road to reach your goals. While going at your own pace, and meeting you where you are at, you will reset lifestyle routines, eating habits, and daily rituals for success in becoming healthy, happy and continually growing upward.

Group Programs

Group programs are a great way to help stay on track and make progress. Groups are great if you are looking to build community and have that extra accountability. These programs provide additional support, connecting you to like-minded individuals on a similar path to self mastery.

At your own Pace

Make big changes is easy if you take MASSIVE ACTION!
If you are a self-starter, a downloadable program might be your jam. AYOP programs are designed to meet your needs at your own pace with the option to add on 1-1 coaching calls and/or join our public Facebook community for added accountability.

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At Influx, we are big believers of bioindividuality. We do not use a one size fits all approach. 

We strive for mastery, at every level. 

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What is holding you back?
Together, we will work to help you transcend past traumas.

As an Integrative Wellness Coach & Consultant, I teach my clients to transcend, navigate and heal despite emotional trauma. I have a lifetime of personal experience of mental health struggles. My story includes addictions, recovery, deep loss, grief, suicide and the sometimes uncertain, chaos of life.

These challenges, combined with my education and over a decade of experience in the field of naturopathic medicine has provided me with the tools necessary to help others navigate difficulty and make lasting lifestyle changes. 

The integrative wellness approach helps clients heal at a deeper level using lifestyle intervention, implementation, and management of healthy rituals.

What Clients Have To Say

"I have lost weight but even more importantly I have reach more than a few health goals! Lacy helped with meals, snacks, eating out and family inclusion. Thank you Lacy everything was wonderful, the yoga, the personal support, the daily posts and lives and your personal meets and dedication to health!"
Cascadia M-Weaver

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